Meet a few of Our 1,300+ happily employed outcoders


“After Outco I had to turn down two other offers without knowing 100% that I had an offer from Google. Waiting to hear back from Google was the longest two days of my life, but thanks to the support I got from Outco I was able to navigate multiple job interviews and offers to see what which one would be the most beneficial to my career. “

- James, Software Engineer at Google


“I don’t have a CS degree and wasn’t sure if I was the type of person Outco was looking for. I learned to program as an astronomy undergrad and after my Masters I became a web developer and data analyst for a space telescope. After taking 6 months off to hike the PCT I started doing technical interviews that went poorly. Outco helped me learn from those failures and turn them into a job offer. It was an amazing offer, far and beyond what I thought I was capable of and it’s with an amazing team!”

- Katherine, Software Engineer at Cozi

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“Before Outco, I spent on year sending 1000+ resumes and struggled on my own while being underemployed in a QA role. Outco reached out to me and offered me to sit in on a class. I knew it was time for help so I signed up.Within 4 weeks of graduating from Outco, I landed 4 offers, my resume response rate went from 2-3% to over 13%, and I could barely keep up with all the interview requests some weeks.”

- Stanley, Software Engineer at Oh My Green