Hi Outcoders! We are excited to work with you throughout your job search process. Please review this page in its entirety and bookmark for easy access.  


The schedule and assignment due dates for the next 5 weeks of class can be viewed here. 

On-Boarding Checklist

Take a look at this list to make sure you are set up with all resources necessary for the course. 



Our office is located at 220 Bush St, Suite 1078, San Francisco, CA 94104 and our classroom is available for use Monday - Friday, 1:30 - 6:00pm.


Connect to the remote class with this link

In order to best streamline the remote and on-site experience, we request you have these items when connecting remotely:

  • An internet connection with a download speed of at least 5mbs
  • A modern browser that is up-to-date
  • A  webcam (720p recommended) in a well-lit room for conferencing and white-boarding
  • Zoom.us client (can be downloaded here).


Outcoder Support

We are here to help you through all stages of your job search process. Email support@outco.io for:

  • Coaching requests: resume, traction, mock interview, technical, negotiation help, etc.
  • Questions, comments, feedback, or concerns.

Technical Office Hours

We provide Technical Office Hours, Monday through Thursday from 5:00 - 6:00pm to help you with algorithms, whiteboarding, homework assignments, etc.

  • For scheduling 1:1 appointments with technical staff, use this link.
  • For additional technical support, email support@outco.io.

Knowledge Base

For common technical and non-technical questions, please visit our knowledge base here.



  • Outcoders are required to attend all days and times stated on the syllabus.
  • Outcoder Alumni are required to attend once a week Outcomes classes until a job is accepted.

If you ever have a conflict, please email support@outco.io as early in advance of the conflict as possible.

Daily Assignments

There will be a combination of technical and non-tech assignments throughout the course. The course syllabus outlines assignments for each class.

Daily assignments should be completed prior to the beginning of each class. Not completing assignments daily will impact your ability to participate fully in the course.

JobTrack Resume Submissions

During your first week (at the JobTrack training), you will receive access to your JobTrack account. Starting Week 2, aim for 5 resume submissions per day. At least 25 resume submissions in JobTrack are due by End-of-Day Sunday each week.

What is a resume submission?

  • Completing an online application through a company's website or through a job search resource (LinkedIn, AngelList, etc.).
  • Sending your resume to a connection to submit for their Employee Referral Program (must document job description or email in JobTrack, update with job description when available)
  • Reverse-recruiting that results in submitting your resume to a new contact (must document job description or email in JobTrack, update with job description when available). 


Every week you are on your job search you will fill out this Commitments form (a reflection and goal setting form). Your Commitments are due by end of class Thursdays.

Weekly *Hard Deadlines*

Thursdays by 9pm: Commitments Form

Sundays End-of-Day: Tech + Non-Tech Assignments and 25 Job Application Submissions

  • Technical Homework: to submit technical homework, push the solutions of your private repo named: outcode-{class}-{language}-{username} up to Github.
  • Non-Technical Homework: complete all non-technical homework within your personal Outco folder. 
  • Resume Submissions: Log in to JobTrack to document all resume submissions.

If you find yourself starting to fall behind please email support@outco.io so we can help you maintain pace throughout the program.


JobTrack Status Updates

Job search progress should be continually updated in JobTrack throughout the course. Steps required to be tracked include:

  • Recruiter Screens
  • Coding Challenges
  • Phone Interviews
  • On-site Interviews
  • Offers
  • Rejections

NOTE: Until more fields are available, use the following tagging convention: 

  • Phone Call - Anything "pre-onsite" (recruiter screens, coding challenges, phone interviews, etc.)
  • Interview - Any on-site interview

Interview Recap Form

Following each interview, fill out this Interview Recap Form.

Offer Form

For each offer received, fill out this Offer Form.

Non-Tech Resources

Non-Tech assignments are located in your personal Outco folder. To access, go to http://drive .google.com and select "Shared with me" on the left-side tab. Your personal folder will be titled [First Last - Outco] or [First Last - Outco Remote]. 

Supplemental material for 



Technical assignments are completed using GitHub. You will be invited to your private GitHub repo during the first week of class and it will be titled: outcode-{class #}-{language}-{GitHub username}.

Video lectures accompany each technical assignment and are to be viewed prior to starting each assignment. You will receive a code to sign up for this content during Week 1. If you are still having problems accessing, email support@outco.io.

Food options near outco SF

We know you are with us through dinner time. We hope the on-site snacks are helpful, but we do recommend getting some healthier, more filling options before coming to class (feel free to use our fridge and/or microwave for anything you bring in).

Here is a list we have compiled of nearby food options. If you have any recommendations to add, please let us know! Email support@outco.io.